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  Leap Frog: Numberland (DV1012)

Join Scout and his friends for exciting learning adventures from the world of LeapFrog. When the pets long to learn about numbers, their magical car, Axle, whisks them away to Numberland. With the help of a new friend, Max, the pets meet all the numbers in the land and master early numeracy skills. Then it's time to help the residents of Numberland plan a surprise birthday party for Max. It all adds up to plenty of fun and adventure as you sing and count your way through Numberland with Scout and Friends!

All children can be nurtured into geniuses

A child’s brain develops rapidly from the time of birth. There are two hemispheres of the brain, namely, left and right hemisphere. Characteristics of each hemisphere are as follows

Left Hemisphere
Right Hemisphere
“Detail” Oriented
“Big-picture” Oriented
Critical Thinking
Creative Thinking
Language: Grammar/vocabulary, literal
Language: Intonation/accentuation, contextual

From the ages of 0-3, the right hemisphere of a child’s brain is highly developed. The child absorbs information like a sponge and shows great interest to learn. Up to age 6, 70% of the brain is developed and by age 10, 90% of the brain would already been developed. A child will utilise his/her left-brain more predominantly as he/she grows. It is at this age and beyond and any changes to a child’s mental development will have to be made with great effort.

In today’s environment, whole-brain development is important. This is why we need to maximise the time for right-brain training when the child is young and then ease him/her into left-brain training when he/she grows older.

Your child will be eternally grateful to you.
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